The Adventure Letters for Kids

The Adventure Letters bring the magic of snail mail to children with enchanting stories that ignite imagination and offer a fun break from screen time. Every month, a letter is delivered to their mailbox, personally addressed to them and filled with captivating tales of trips around the world or pen-pal adventures. Each letter is complemented with activities, puzzles and surprises to engage kids’ curiosity, fostering creativity and imagination. The letters also encourage deeper exploration with corresponding discussion prompts that speak to themes of truth, courage and meaning – all easily navigated at the age appropriate level.

Each subscriber will receive 24 beautifully written and engaging letters, written with kids in mind. Each letter is like a fresh new adventure sure to make your little one feel as if they are personally being taken along on their pen pal's journey. Each month’s theme is different and inspired by a different city or country, and the story and activities are designed to be engaging for all ages. Each month is filled with interesting facts, silly stories and special treasures, such as stickers, washable tattoos and secret codes to solve. Kids also get a special surprise their pen pal, who helps them learn about different countries and cultures around the world.

Imagine your child’s surprise and delight when they find a personalized envelope in their mailbox with their name on it. That’s exactly what children get with The Adventure Letters, a subscription service that offers a unique twist on snail mail with enchanting and educational stories of trips around the globe, fascinating animals and fun activities. Children learn geography, vocabulary, animal facts and more as they open up a world of imagination and learning with each weekly delivery from their very own fictional correspondent.

Kids receive a hand-illustrated letter and activity from their personal correspondent. Through their adventures, children build knowledge of countries and continents, discover interesting cultures, and explore the natural wonders of the planet. Each story also builds reading skills through comprehension questions, word games and puzzles. 

Give your kiddo the gift of a year-long, personalized snail mail experience that will ignite their curiosity, love of learning and imagination. A fantasy adventure abounds with elves, wizards and talking beasts in this beautiful series of illustrated chapter letters. Each book takes children on a journey of adventure and discovery with gripping plots, stunning artwork and a heartwarming tale that inspires courage, friendship and love – themes that can be explored at different levels depending on the age of your child.

Throughout the book, players encounter drawings and doodles that they can “throw words at” to change them – for example, throwing the word “nerd” at a drawing of a lighthouse changes it into Sauron’s tower from The Lord of the Rings. This is a great way to encourage your kiddo to be creative and think outside the box, as well as a fun way to practice their spelling.

A Caldecott Honor and Newbery Award winner, Maurice Sendak’s tale of Max is a whimsical adventure that is both scary and funny. The illustrations are both stunning and memorable, making this a book that will be loved for generations. A world of imagination and learning comes to life with this charming snail mail subscription. Each month, kids receive a handwritten letter from a new animal friend who lives around the globe. The letters include fun facts, colorful illustrations, and puzzles. They also include a sticker of that month’s animal friend. 

This is a wonderful gift for children who love animals and are fascinated by the world’s diverse creatures. It encourages their creativity, curiosity, and imagination while building literacy skills. It also allows children to practice patience as they wait for a reply from their pen pal.

Children will love receiving a handwritten letter  the lovable snail who writes to kids! They’ll enjoy her stories of faeries in England, dragons in China, trolls in Iceland and more. The personalized letters, stickers, bookmarks, tattoos, trading cards and secret codes inspire reading, learning and imagination. Kids can even play with their siblings or parents by writing back to Sunny.

Designed for the explorers at heart, these illustrated letters explore the world’s cultures, cuisines, landmarks, oddities, wildlife and heritages. Each month, your child will open a beautiful envelope that tells an adventurefull story that captures their interest.

Whether they’re exploring castles, trekking up mountains, visiting souks or wandering forests, these adventure-based snail mail letter subscriptions will bring your kids to far away places and times. With enchanting stories, engaging activities and beautiful illustrations, they’ll be captivated by this unique storytelling experience. And as they tear open their very own envelopes, it will be a wonderful break from habit-forming screen time.

Hannie Clark, a 5x published author, a floral artist and business entrepreneur, along with her husband Michael, are the creators of this amazing letter subscription. Each month, you will receive a letter written by a different historical figure (like a scientist, author, artist or inventor). You’ll also get a photo of each person and access to free digital downloads that go with the letter.

Each letter will be about the person’s life and how they impacted history. It’s an incredible way to teach your kids the importance of these historical figures and how they helped to shape our world. The letter will cover topics such as animal conservation, historical events, strange historical law, vintage jokes and puzzles.

These letter-based experiences are the perfect way to connect with children, allowing them to create their own characters and send meaningful letters to those they care about. They can write letters to their friends and family, or even to strangers. You could also ask them to write letters to elderly people who may be alone and in need of a good chat.

Our snail mail letter subscription goes beyond entertainment; it's an opportunity for connection and growth. As your child eagerly absorbs the contents of these fantasy letters, their cognitive and creative skills blossom and their excitement for learning flourishes. Create a lasting tradition that ignites joy and anticipation, fostering a deep appreciation for the art of handwritten communication. Subscribe today and open the door to a world where anticipation, discovery, and imagination thrive.

The Adventure Letters bring the magic of snail mail to children with enchanting stories that ignite imagination and offer a fun break from screen time. Every month, a letter is delivered to their mailbox, personally addressed to them and filled with captivating tales of trips around the world or pen-pal adventures. Each letter is complemented…